The Waiting Game

Are you waiting for what will never come?

And you have to be honest here. After all, that’s the only way to move forward.

Are you waiting? For something that will never come?

What do I mean by that?

If you’re using words like:

– I’m Going to

– Tomorrow

– When the economy is good

– When I know enough

– When I have enough money

I have news for you.  And it’s not great.

You’ve fallen into the trap of waiting for something that will never come.

All the ‘gonna’s’ and ‘tomorrow’s’ just serve as a way to get out of taking action.

Which ultimately is a way to get out of the fear of actually attaining the goal. Or doing the actions.

Everyone has this.


The person you admire as achieving their dream, demonstrates one addtitional behaviour I would

encourage you to adopt.

They take action despite all of the above. They take action in this moment.

So where can you do that today?

Where can you take immediate actions.

Share your thoughts below.


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Chris Lianos has been a student of prosperity for over 15 years. A corporate professional, he has also run a successful Network Marketing business. Chris is a certified Reiki Master in 3 disciplines, holds a PHD in Metaphysics, in an ordained minister and is a NLP Master Practitioner. Chriss passion is in empowering people to find that place of inspiration where their passions can be aligned with every day life.

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