“I had difficulty in putting the book down once I started reading it.”

“I was hooked from the first paragraph.”


Most people want more abundance in their life but struggle to know where to start. Finding Zero allows you to better understand your mind to “flick the success switch” and re-set your old limiting defaults and paradigms. Chris’ writing style opens your mind in a non-confronting way to receive new information, ideas & possibilities. – Marcus Schubert, Entrepreneur Business Coach.
From the very first chapter, I was already seeing things differently and experiencing how I understood human potential at a whole other level. This was very humbling for me as I have been in this field myself for almost a decade and Chris allowed me to explore further depths into human potential so elegantly and practically too. —Lauren Jobson, vice chair of the Australian Board of Neurolinguistic Programming.

“Finding Zero would be perfect, for those of you who long to find a purposeful and meaningful life. You will be immersed under Chris’ world from the very first chapter and be brought along through his journey in the manifestation of the meaning of life. Follow his mentorship cues closely and you will find this book very applicable to your daily life!”

Victor Setiawan, (Young Author of National Best-selling book “Changing Impossible to I’mpossible”)